Submissions of work, experience, and implementations related to App Inventor are welcome in the following categories:

Each submission must meet the guidelines below in order to be considered. All submissions must be received no later than May 15th 2014, 11:59 (EST) May 30th 2014, 11:59 (EST) [EXTENDED!!!] . Authors will receive notifications no later than May 30th2014, 11:59 (EST).

Submission in each category except Short Videos and App Competition must have at least one participant registered to the 2014 MIT App Inventor Summit no later than the June 10th 2014, 11:59 (EST). Failure to register by this date may result in removal of accepted submissions.


All submissions except Short Videos should be sent by email with the subject line indicating the type of submission (talks, posters, panel, app competion). Short videos and related material can be uploaded here. Any submissions received after the deadline will not be considered.


Talks present participants with the opportunity to present their research, experience, projects or implementation of their App Inventor-related work. Each presentation will last no longer than 15 minutes with an extra 5 minutes specifically dedicated to questions. Authors who wish to submit possible topics to be considered for talk sessions at the App Inventor summit must submit a 2-3 page overview following the talk formatting guidelines.

Authors of selected talks must submit a final version of their talk no later than July 1st. The presentation slides as well as the 3 page abstract will be made available to all attendees.


Please download the Word template or the PDF guidlines to create and submit a talk overview. The actual presentation file should be submitted no later than 1st July 2014. Each author can design the presentation as he/she sees fit, as long as it will last no longer than 15 minutes.



Posters provide an interactive forum in which authors can present their work to attendees during poster sessions. We especially encourage students to submit their work-in-progress projects related to App Inventor. The poster sessions will be conducted over lunch and during coffee breaks. Posters provide an opportunity to describe new work or work that is still in progress using App Inventor.

All poster submissions must have a poster overview no longer than one page. The poster overview needs to includes a title, list of authors, and an abstract (no more than 300 words). The final version of the poster as a separate file must also be submitted. Both files must be submitted in PDF format.

All accepted posters will be displayed during a portion of the summit, and at least one author is requested to stand by their poster during each poster session and give interactive presentations to attendees.

Attendees will vote (only once) using the “VoteForMe” App Inventor app (available for download from Google Play) for their favourite poster to be awarded at the closing ceremony.


Please use the Word or PDF templates to create and submit the poster overview. The actual poster should be no bigger than A1 size to fit on poster boards. Authors can design their A1 poster as they see fit.

Poster authors will be responsible for printing their posters and bringing them to the 2014 MIT App Inventor Summit. Should an author choose to have their poster printed on site to be picked up prior to the poster session, please contact MIT CopyTech for prices and information.



Panels present multiple perspectives on a specific topic. Each panel will have at most four panelists including a moderator. Panel submissions should include a list of the panelists, their affiliations, and a description of the overall topic, and brief position statements from each panelist.

Proposals with more than four panelists must specify the reason for the extra panelist as well as how the time will be divided so that each panelist will be able to speak.

A panel will last no longer than 1 hour including questions. We encourage each panel to allow at least 10 minutes for the audience to respond within the session time. Panel abstracts must not exceed two pages using a font no smaller than 12 pt. Times New Roman.



The App Competition allows users of App Inventor to showcase their apps. In order for an app to be considered for the competition:

  • The app must be built only using the official MIT App Inventor version.
  • The app .aia file needs to be submitted for testing. App developers can grant the MIT App Inventor team to publish their app .aia file after the competition if they wish to do so.
  • The app needs to be accompanied by a one page documenet containing the name of the author, the author's current geographical location (City, State or Province, and Country), the motivation behind the app and the reason for using MIT App Inventor to create the app.

The app developer DOES NOT need to be present at the 2014 MIT App Inventor Summit. However he/she must agree that the MIT App Inventor team may showcase the app (screenshots and description).
There will be three prizes awarded for this competition. Each winner will also receive a certificate reflecting the winning category.


Short Videos

Short video submissions allow users of App Inventor to tell their story, their experience in using the tool, reasons and motivations for creating apps or to just showcase their work etc. The video needs to be NO LONGER than one minute . Selected videos from this category will be played at the start of the 2014 App Inventor Summit. All videos submitted in this category will be uploaded to an official YouTube App Inventor channel. Selected videos will also be showed on the App Inventor website. Videos longer than 1 minute will be discarded.